English bulldog stolen from New Jersey pet store

December 4, 2012 2:42:05 PM PST
An english bulldog was snatched from a store in New Jersey Monday, and the entire thing was captured on surveillance camera.

The seven-week old pup is in need of shots, so store owners hope someone will spot him soon.

The dog, Blackie, weighs just 6 pounds and would have been sold for $3,500. Police say Blackie was stolen last night by a man, who posed as a customer at the Aquarium at Route 4 in Elmwood Park.

"We are offering a $1000 reward for the dog's return, safe and sound," said Joe Aversa.

Pet store surveillance cameras captured the suspect walking in the store Monday night and within a minute, he slides open the door to the dog cages and takes Blackie. Then, looking back to make sure no one is watching, he hurries off to a bathroom in the back.

Blackie was thrown out of this bathroom window and landed in this aquarium full of cold, dirty water.

"The right thing to do is to return it to someone who will love it and care about it, not someone who will throw it out the window," adds Aversa.

After throwing the dog out the window, the suspect is seen getting car keys from his girlfriend, presumably to put the dog in the car. But he wasn't done yet. He comes back in and he and his girlfriend go downstairs to try to steal a sugar glider, a small marsupial that costs $225.

Surveillance video shows the man reaching his hand into the cage, getting bitten, and giving up. Finally, the couple selected a $5 dog toy to buy, and leaves. Employees looked in on the bulldogs, and noticed Blackie was gone.

Police want everyone to take a good luck at the pet store robbery suspects, to catch them and get Blackie back in a safe home as soon as possible.

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