Homes burn in Sandy-damaged Manasquan

December 5, 2012 1:41:34 PM PST
Beachfront homes were damaged or destroyed in an early-morning fire in storm-ravaged Manasquan Wednesday morning.

A firefighter took pictures of the fire just before 6am, minutes after the fire broke out.

Several houses being devoured by flames, one then the other.

It was fast moving, and with the homes so close together, every second counted.

Michael Parziale lives three doors down. He immediately flashed back to 1996 when a fire on this same block destroyed his home and almost killed his mother.

After that, he installed a 1 inch fire hose, and 16 years later, he was glad he did.

Michael refused to watch his house burn down again so he stretched the hose as far as he could 50 feet. He crouched down took shelter under this porch and then put as much water as he could on his neighbors homes.

"It was blowing over her on top of the roofs and so forth. I was trying to keep that as wet as possible and I was hosing this side of the building down as well from not jumping over," he said.

After about 45 minutes and mutual aid from several surrounding towns, Newscopter 7 showed the fire was almost out, but not before it burned one house to the ground and damaged almost a dozen others.

All of them already damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

"You know unfortunately with the level of damage and the amount if work up here it I something we did expect," said Chief Mike Galos with Manasquan Fire Department.

Fire Chief Galos says the home where the fire started was under renovation.


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