Dash cam video of robbery suspect shooting

December 6, 2012 2:09:39 PM PST
Police in Leonia, New Jersey have released new video of a police involved shooting that killed robbery suspect 47-year-old Rickey McFadden.

The video is raising new questions.

The family of Rickey McFadden says he went to the CVS every day.

"He's got a knife. African American male, uncooperative," you hear on the dash cam video.

You never see Rickey McFadden in the 15 minute dash cam video of the Leonia Police cruiser, but what can you hear is an officer repeatedly telling him to get down.

"Get on the ground! Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" the officer yelled.

They are the last minutes of the 47-year-old father's life.

Investigators say on November 25th around 4:30, McFadden robbed the CVS on Broad Avenue at knife point, and then ran around the corner at Hillside and Kingsley Street.

That's where you hear officers trying to subdue McFadden for two minutes until, then there are gunshots.

"Shots fired! Shots fired! Broad and Hillside," you hear on the dash cam.

"She said he had been shot, I can't even tell you," said Cherry Vinson, McFadden's sister.

McFadden's family says though he suffered from anxiety and paranoia, he was known to the community and police and was say never violent.

"I'm really hurt by it," said Rickey McFadden, his son.

"It was very heart breaking, we want answers," Vinson said.

Two police departments responded to the call, one officer from Leonia and three from Palisades Park.

A use of force report from Palisades Park states McFadden resisted arrest and threatened officers.

In a Facebook post the Leonia Police Chief said, "While I deeply regret the loss of life and have attempted to convey my condolences to the family, this incident and its culmination were dictated by the actions of the deceased."

It's all too much to bear for the 69-year-old mother he cared for daily.

"I can't get him off of my mind," said Eunice McFadden, Rickey McFadden's mother.

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