Man falls onto tracks, Good Samaritans help

December 7, 2012 6:36:26 PM PST
There was a close call in the subways on Friday. A man fell on the tracks and this time, Good Samaritans sprang into action to avoid a double tragedy.

This latest incident happened at the Bowling Green Station in Lower Manhattan.

"I thought, here we go again," said Margaret Besheer, an eyewitness.

It was a chilling thought for Margaret Besheer when she saw the lights of an oncoming subway train after first hearing a loud thud while standing on the downtown 4-5 platform.

"I looked over to see what was happening and I saw a black man sitting in the tracks. And I was just stunned. People were shouting help him, help him," Besheer said.

At this point Margaret looked a way for only a second and noticed a northbound number 4 coming into the station, that's when other people tried to get the attention of the motorman.

But when Margaret looked back she saw something amazing.

"Suddenly, there is a second man there. It was absolutely surreal and horrifying. The second man had fallen in. Jumped in, I really don't know. It happened in that nano-second," Besheer said.

That second man, Margaret says, was frantically trying to help the first man off the tracks. The train was going very slow and then stopped. Others came to the rescue.

"I don't know if they were pulling them up. Or they were pushing each other up, they got up," Besheer said.

It was a most fortunate ending considering that earlier in the week, 58-year old Ki-Suk Han, a husband and father from Queens was pushed onto subway tracks where he was struck and killed by a train.

Hearing of this latest act by a Hood Samaritan had straphangers reacting.

"At least someone was trying to help somebody. I heard the first one, nobody wanted to help. NO one willing to help a sad situation," a rider said.

"The reality is that when you need help, New Yorkers come in with help," another rider said.

Margaret Besheer thinks she saw a hero in action.

"He was definitely trying to help the man and ended up on the tracks, and he was a great hero," Besheer said.

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