Creativity at the Museum of Mathematics

December 13, 2012 2:47:53 PM PST
The Museum of Mathematics is opening in Manhattan this weekend.

"Our target customer: You think you hate math come and see it the way we see it," said Glen Whitney of the National Museum of Mathematics.

Glen Whitney is hoping to get you excited about math.

This weekend the one time mathematician opens the Museum of Mathematics.

There are 19,000 square feet devoted to math, but you won't see a lot of one thing.

"We have very few numbers in the museum," Whitney said.

So instead of numbers expect a hands on experience.

The mathenaeum allows you to manipulate shapes; the human tree allows you to replicate the trunk, branches with a multiplying effect.

The wall of fire illuminates cross sections of shapes with lasers.

You can even test out Galileo's theory about what make a track fast.

Cameras are used to create fractals, sort of like a larger than life kaleidoscope that shows how math takes team work.

"It's not just about sitting alone in a room, here we have to work together to create these great images," Whitney said.

Learn about hyperboloids by making straight cords appear to bend.

They hope to get people excited about math and show its creativity.

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