5-year-old saves mom from CO poisoning

January 2, 2013 3:35:48 PM PST
They are every bit the typical 5-year-old girls except that little Alexa did something extraordinary on Tuesday, she saved her mother's life.

"I never realized just how serious something like this could be until now," said Suzanne Abano, carbon monoxide survivor.

Suzanne Abano told Eyewitness News that she and her daughters hadn't felt very well for days.

At their home in Dyker Heights, Suzanne was cooking on three different burners when suddenly she was overcome, and fell to the floor.

Her daughter Michaela tried to wake her and even drew her pictures to make her better, and then little Alexa sprang into action and she knew just who to call.

She called her grandma.

"I was just so proud that my granddaughter was able to call me," said Anna May Ardizzone, grandmother.

Not only that, but the girls' grandma got there and was so upset on the phone with 911, Alexa saved the day again.

"And she says, 'Grandma, the address is:' and she told us the address," Ardizzone said.

Suzanne's carbon monoxide alarm did start going off but it was late, not until after she already passed out and after the emergency workers were already there.

Suzanne and her girls were all treated at Maimonides Medical Center where doctors say both girls also had elevated levels of carbon monoxide.

"It could've been much worse for the girls, it could've been much worse for mom, could've been a real tragedy," said Dr. John Marshall, Maimonides Medical Center.

For a family that has suffered already, the girls' dad died only a year and nine months ago.

"They lost their daddy, I don't want them to lose me, and it was just very scary," Abano said.

The lesson is to teach your kids 911 and emergency numbers.

Suzanne says she is forever grateful.

"They're my life, my life," Abano said.

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