Oil can be good for your skin

January 15, 2013 2:42:17 PM PST
With these winter temps, our skin can take a beating.

When it comes to your face, you may have thought oil or oil-based products are bad.

But apparently, that's not the case, and there's a growing trend in the beauty industry to use oil.

To be clear we're talking about natural, plant derived oils; they're very light.

They help moisturize and fight wrinkles and you won't look or feel greasy.

Oil has a reputation that hasn't always been a good one.

In fact, you often see skin care products without oil, but now more and more products actually feature oil, plant derived oil, like one made from rosehip seed.

So why are things changing?

"If we look into the scientific research, we know that there are oils that are wonderful things that give our skin a great glow, oils are healthy for us, and oils do not cause acne," said Dr. David Colbert, Illumino creator.

Dr. David Colbert says go for it, unless of course you already have oily skin.

He's created his own brand of skin oil called Illumino.

Just a few drops will do you good, particularly if you're above age 35.

"We have less oil in our skin as we age because oil producing cells don't do their job just like many other cells don't. And so, we need to replace that oil," Dr. Colbert said.

His creation also contains retinol, vitamins C and Q-some technology.

"This is what tricks the skin into allowing active ingredients in an oil vehicle to get deeper into the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production," Dr. Colbert said.

By the way, you're probably already using products with oil.

"Most creams and lotions have a little oil in them anyway, just so little that you wouldn't notice it, in fact if they didn't have any oil they probably wouldn't go on very nicely," Dr. Colbert said.

But you can certainly use that oil on its own or even combine it with your favorite lotion or serum.

Oil will be especially moisturizing during the cold, dry winter.

"It can make a huge difference on how someone looks and the look is immediate," Dr. Colbert said.

You can find these oil or oil-based products at drug stores, department stores or at your dermatologist.

Prices range from under $20 to $200.

Dr. Colbert's Illumino is $125.

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