NTSB: Data downloaded from Seastreak ferry crash

January 18, 2013 4:24:20 AM PST
National Transportation Safety Board investigators said Thursday they were analyzing data recovered from a commuter ferry that crashed in New York City, injuring dozens of people who went tumbling down stairs and into walls.

Investigators said that video had also been recovered from the busted ferry Seastreak Wall Street and is being studied, along with data from the engines. The ferry captain told NTSB investigators that he couldn't control the engines and they stalled as he tried to dock Jan. 9 during morning rush hour.

The Seastreak Wall Street was carrying New Jersey commuters across New York Harbor when it made a hard landing into the dock. More than 70 people were injured, some seriously. No one died.

Investigators surveying the vessel underwater showed damage to the port propeller, but a more complete hull study will be conducted when the ferry is pulled from the water for repairs, the NTSB said.

Over the weekend, the investigative team started do engine and control systems testing. They also conducted an underwater survey of the vessel which revealed damage to the port propeller. A more complete hull survey will be conducted when the vessel is hauled from the water for repairs.

The ferry had recently undergone a major overhaul that gave it new engines and a new propulsion system, and officials are looking into whether they played a role.

NTSB investigators have also interviewed the U.S. Coast Guard officials who inspected and passed the Seastreak Wall Street in July 2012, after the modifications were completed.

The NTSB has interviewed 25 injured passengers.

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