MTA, building, fight over trashed subway stairs

January 21, 2013 8:02:09 PM PST
A set of subway steps in Manhattan are now the center of a nasty turf war between the MTA and the landlord of an apartment building.

The steps are a mess. They are rusted and there is trash everywhere.

The MTA says it's the landlord's job to fix them.

The landlord says it's the MTA's.

The MTA came recently and boarded up half the staircase at the Dyckman Street Subway stop in Inwood and you can see why: the steel staircase is rusted and corroded and it wouldn't be hard to trip over this mess. Most locals walk around the corner and use the other entrance.

Many have called the MTA and asked them to fix the stairs before someone gets hurt, even the side where you can walk has divots and holes rusted through.

The MTA says they've had easement agreement with the owners of the building the stairway is part of, since 1926.

According to the easement agreement, the property owner is responsible for both cleaning and repair of stairs.

"We have written to the management recently to reiterate to them that they are absolutely responsible for this area. We are awaiting their response," the MTA said.

And so is Eyewitness News. Messages left with SW Management by Eyewitness News were not returned.

People don't care who is responsible. They just want the stairs fixed.

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