Couple gets new support in Russian baby adoption

January 29, 2013 4:22:27 PM PST
For Dania and Nick Mavros, their life together was almost complete.

"I think my husband and I thought we had just seen the brightest light in the world," said Dania.

That light was in a one-year-old Russian boy, Ari, who Dania and Nick were hoping to adopt. However, that adoption Soviet President Vladimir Putin has blocked in response, lawmakers say to a US law imposing restrictions on human rights abusers in Russia.

While Russia's Supreme Court did allow 50 adoptions, which are already in the works, between 500 and 1000 others by American couples including Dania and Nick are on hold.

"I don't think there is a word to describe what we are going through. Just to think our little boy would grow up in an orphanage," said Dania.

"We love him and we want to bring him home," Nick added.

Efforts to make that happen are being pushed by Congressman Steve Israel, he says in some form of sanctions.

"That would not hurt Russian families, but at the same time sends a message to President Putin that you can't take taxpayer money and hurt American taxpayers," said Israel.

Dania and Nick are not giving up. In fact, they are already planning for the future with Ari.

"We brought home some books, Russian fairy tales, and I hope one day we get to read them to him," Dania adds.

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