New spot takes the outside and moves it inside

February 4, 2013 3:04:39 PM PST
It is at the edge of Williamsburg and looks like an abandoned warehouse. Inside, there is a set-up that encourages climbing, jumping, and other moves that makes up Parkour.

At Brooklyn Beast, there are plenty of spots to navigate some upwards of 20 feet high. It is a haven where you can come and train and will not hurt yourself.

Shem Rajoon makes sure of that, by easing students in.

"You learn basic vaults, you learn how to land, how to roll," said Rajoon, "you progress to bars, and eventually you'll be like us."

In the process of learning, you will get a great workout.

"We do a lot of exercise on the floor ? all the climbing is easy," adds Rajoon.

Parkour got its start in France, where it was part of military training. It has appeared in movies, and more and more often on city streets.

While doing vaults and other moves outside on the concrete isn't quite as safe, with all of the graffiti at Brooklyn Beast, you can feel as if you are outside, working as a stuntman of sorts, running from the bad guys and jumping to safety.

Classes are 18 dollars. CLICK HERE to find out more.

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