Tips to help you fall asleep

February 4, 2013 2:56:09 PM PST
Is sleep about pillows and pills? No, it is about priorities.

Dr. Lipman wrote the book on sleep called "Revive" - he says put down the wine, pick up a book, and get dark - really dark.

Your body produces your sleep hormone, and yes, you have to go easy on drinks.

For even more tips, Eyewitness News went to a spa at Chelsea Piers that is all about breathing, to help you fall asleep at night - the key is to duplicate a similar experience in your bedroom.

The spa makes sure that they have music, books and fragrances in the room. The lavender scent puts you out. You can get lavender oil for as little as $5 as Whole Foods. As for books? Read one that does not have a power switch.

"I think light from an electronic source affects sleep," said Dr. Lipman.

Turning everything off, such as computers and TVs, help turn us off .

Some Eyewitness News viewers also had some tips for how to get to sleep. The ideas ranged from taking a shower, to drinking tea and to getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise.

If you are going to take a shower before bed, it is recommended that the shower not be hot. Lavender scented body oil or lotion is a home run.

Not to be overlooked are nice, soft bed linens. Also, keep your phone charging in a different room.

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