Unusual burgers all around New York City

February 5, 2013 2:37:12 PM PST
Looks like an ordinary pattie, but it's what you don't see that's makes it a cravable burger at Swine in the West Village.

"It's a unique burger we blend in the brisket and the marrow as the fat content and that ensures it's as juicy as possible," John McNulty said.

Bone marrow and brisket mixed in with the ground beef topped with caramelized onions and gruyere on a brioche bun.

"It's gotten a lot of acclaim since we opened last year changed their lives," Julia Collins of Swine said.

Then there's the antelope burger served up at the Burger Guru in Williamsburg. Once you've tried antelope you may as well kangaroo and alligator on the menu too.

At Murray's Cheese Bar, it's the cheesy sauce called rarebit that give its burger star quality, and it's poured tableside.

Finally, at rogue and canon, there are traditional dishes - or canons - and then there are the rogue options, like a burger created by Chef Adam.

"When we were talking about the concept of the menu, we said Adam what's something different about a burger that you can get anywhere in the city? He came up with this and it's been quite a hit so far," Larry Poston said.

So it's onions and cheese, and then pork belly, but the crazy comes in with peanut butter!

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