Long Island pre-school that helps disabled children to close

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February 6, 2013 12:22:30 PM PST
One preschool on Long Island is the only childhood center is the only public preschool system on Long Island that helps children with significant learning disabilities such as speech or hearing issues.

But the program will end this June.

The Head of Nassau BOCES says they just don't have enough money to keep it running.

The preschool in Levittown serves about 100 children every year.

The head of Nassau Boces says the program is basically funded by a grant through the state but the money has never been enough to fully support the program.

She says it's been running in a deficit for a number of years and last year was 2 million dollars in the red.

Of course parents we spoke to today are upset.

They credit the amazing progress their children have made to the staff and teachers at the school.

"It shouldn't be happening. I mean the principal is awesome the staff is awesome. They're helping kids and that's why we're paying taxes you know. they should not shut it down," said Aisha Kajtezobic.

Lucinda Hurley from Nassau BOCES says, board and staff have worked very hard for years to keep this going and with the current economy we've been forced into this very difficult heart-wrenching decision," she said.

There are about 33 students who were supposed to return to the school next year for another year of preschool.

The head of Nassau BOCES says they will be working with the students home districts to place them in appropriate programs.

There is no word yet on what will happen to the teachers.

Nassau BOCES says they hope to keep them within the system.

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