Lifestyle clauses create unusual prenuptial agreements

February 13, 2013 8:19:02 PM PST
The secret to a happy marriage to some couples is no secret at all.

In fact, it's spelled out in black and white.

"It's all done with love," said Toni Mantus, a bride-to-be.

Toni Mantus and her fiancé Gregg Sullivan have a pre-nuptial agreement that is certainly non-traditional.

According to some it's even shallow, but for them it works.

"The reasoning for it was to stay healthy," Mantus said.

Toni isn't supposed to gain more than a certain amount of weight and neither is Gregg.

"Should the worst case scenario happen where we don't last and we get divorced, she gets an extra $10,000 and it's reciprocated if she goes over a certain weight," Sullivan said.

Now wait a minute! Lest you think it's shallow, Gregg added another clause.

"So, if you go over the 190, she can have sex with whoever she wants?" asked Eyewitness News reporter Stacey Sager.

"Be my guest, and it's my problem and I have to deal with it," Sullivan said.

Toni gets something else out of their contract; at least two date nights per month.

"And it's a guideline, it's just a fun guideline," Sullivan said.

Speaking of guidelines, how about rules in your pre-nup about how many cats your wife can have or about whether your mother-in-law can join you on a vacation?

Just talk to Frank Mathews. He's still shaken from his last mother-in-law.

"I didn't dislike my mother-in-law, but there were times when I would prefer her not to be there," Matthews said.

His lawyer says these so-called "lifestyle clauses" in pre-nups aren't all that uncommon anymore, especially with the divorce rate, being so high.

"It's a good opportunity to ask ourselves, what are the little pet peeves we might have on the front end or even, charming, endearing quirks that down the road might make me want to jump out of a window," said Ann-Margaret Carrozza, an attorney.

But when is it all too much?

"After these two cats are gone, I don't want any more," Matthews said.

"So these two cats are kind of grandfathered in. After that, no more cats?" Sager asked.

"Yes," Matthews said.

Some say love is blind, and marriage is a leap of faith.

Others are hoping for marital bliss, but entering into it with their eyes wide open.

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