Cancer Wellness Center needs a new home

February 15, 2013 1:55:48 PM PST
Cancer survivors and their families are all too familiar with the regiment of drugs and treatments that are needed to battle the disease. But it can be the "little things" that can make someone feel better in ways that even the most advanced drugs might not.

Anabel Evora is relaxing with reflexology as she's been battling breast cancer since 2011 and to help deal with the chemotherapy, the hair loss and all the challenges that come with cancer, she gets weekly treatments.

"It helps me with my body aches it helps me fatigue it helps me with my mental state of mind," she said.

And it's all for free through an organization called "You Can Thrive." Volunteer therapists offer treatments like Reiki, massage and acupuncture.

"I never had acupuncture before. I fell asleep, I was relaxed, I didn't know I was so stressed before," said Tasha Goode.

But Luana Deangelis remembers that stress. She's also a breast cancer survivor and created "You Can Thrive" to help patients thrive and not just survive but;

"To make sure they're compliant with treatment, that they get the best possible outcome from treatment."

And most cancer patients say they just feel better after treatments like massage and acupuncture, and there's some scientific proof. Studies that show an improvement in symptoms. But the problem is money, who will pay for programs like this?

This foundation is funded by a grant and donations. They expanded into a 10,000 square foot wellness center. But last month, they lost that donated space, and now they are looking for a new home.

"We need a new home because people with cancer deserve a safe space and access to the resources that help to heal," adds DeAngelis.

Until someone donates that space, they are still going strong, not in one place, but around town at wellness centers like this that provide rooms when available.

The free services are only for breast cancer patients, women and men, but they are hoping to expand that one day to all cancer patients.

But for now, finding a new space is their top priority.


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