Three new movies for your 3 day weekend

February 15, 2013 2:38:04 PM PST
A veteran star returns with a vengeance, which is not the same as saying his new film is good. Fans of the twilight series have a pale imitation to ease their withdrawal, and trust me folks romance can be a lot more exciting than the one featured in "Safe Haven."

Julianne Hough's character is on the run and we're not sure why, but a widower played by Josh Duhmel is happy to provide a "Safe Haven" while knowing even less than we do.

This is the film equivalent of fast food with a side order of the super-natural. Julianne Hough has been over-hyped as a triple threat. She's won "Dancing with the Stars" and topped the charts with her singing, but unfortunately in this movie, Hough is being paid for her acting.

"Safe Haven" drew millions of women who forced their boyfriends take them to see this sappy story on Valentine's Day. Guys, you have my sympathy.

Beautiful Creatures

The twilight series is over, so now come the rip-offs looking to cash in.

A witch in place of a vampire. A guy instead of a gal. This couple will seem awfully familiar to any of you "Twilight" fans.

Take note these "Beautiful Creatures" have none of the star power of Edward and Bella. Also, the mythology is way too complicated and takes too much time to explain, all of which left me really bored!

A Good Day to Die Hard

Boring is not a word I would use to describe "A Good Day to Die Hard" even though a quarter of a century has passed since Bruce Willis first played NYPD cop John McClane. He's in Russia for this one-teaming up with his son trying to prevent a heist of nuclear weapons.

Bruce still has an essential cool at a time when his fellow superstars "Arnie" and "Sly" seem like parodies of themselves. Recent films with Schwazenegger and Stallone have bombed. Bruce will do better. His latest film is pretty standard stuff, but it could gross as much as 50 million dollars by Monday night.

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