Businesses worry about shortened winter breaks

February 16, 2013 9:23:23 PM PST
So many local businesses like Baldwin Bowl rely on mid-winter recess for a boost in revenue. However, now that Long Island school districts are canceling the vacation, it hurts their bottom line.

Baldwin Bowl is a hot spot on Saturday night, and that is good for business. It is the upcoming week that makes manager Mike D'Ambrosio nervous.

"That week is really important because it does generate revenue for that 7 day period," D'Ambrosio adds.

The mid-winter recess vacation is one of the most profitable weeks for bowling alleys. Baldwin Bowl, like many other local businesses will be losing out on thousands of dollars because many Long Island school districts are calling students back to the classroom. It is all because Superstorm Sandy and the recent blizzard forced districts to cancel school, and now they need to make up for lost days.

Businesses who rely on kids looking for something fun to do on their break will be losing out.

"They need more school days for the regents, and we need more prep days," said Freeport High School student Samantha Rodriguez.

Rodriguez will be going back to school, which means she won't get to bowl, go to the mall, or see a movie with a friend.

Mike D'Ambrosio is crossing his fingers that businesses won't take as big a hit as expected.

"We do rely on the week of winter recess to capitalize on people being home," says D'Ambrosio.

Baldwin Bowl could be losing as much as $20,000 next week.

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