Is rap video about drug dangers sending wrong message?

February 18, 2013 5:21:46 AM PST
The online rap video, "My World is Blue" is now catching a bad rap.

According to Daniel Haley and the rapper "Incite Deroit", who collaborated on this project by "White Trash Clan" showing, they say, the dangers of prescription drug abuse.

"We made it as a parody to show how silly and stupid you really look when you're on those pills," said Haley.

The bad rap? Comments they claim are mean, that have poured onto their YouTube site, after people learned that the person in the video dressed as a blue fairy, 22-year-old Sharissa Turk was one of 32 people arrested last week by the NYPD and charged with selling Oxycodone to an undercover officer.

"I was in the video making it clear that drugs are bad," said Turk.

Turk won't say much more than that, as she, Haley, and "Incite" talked with Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer exclusively about the turmoil that swirls around their video, which has more than 28,000 hits, three times the number since it went up in July of 2012.

"There is a conflict here, you have video that says one thing, and a dear friend who sadly has been arrested," said Incite, "that is bringing a lot of negative attention."

No one else in the video faces charges. Even the closing message is clear where "White Trash Clan" stands.

"They just take it as we are glorifying the drug use, and that we think it is cool, but we don't," said Haley.

They made the video in response to what they believe is a serious problem, which they point out has killed their friends, and once left Haley struggling.

"I was able to get clean and change my life," says Haley, "now I have a good job, and I go to work every day. Life isn't revolving around those pills."

They believe viewers misunderstand their message.

"We're trying to bring help to Staten Island. We want people to get help and awareness," added Incite.

They are concerned for what Turk is going through ? now in an odd twist, facing drug charges.

"I got caught up in the wrong thing, and got in trouble for it," Turk adds.

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