Long Islanders cope with rising gas prices

February 18, 2013 3:23:25 PM PST
If you have filled your car's gas tank recently you know that prices are soaring.

AAA says the average price of regular unleaded is now $3.73 a gallon.

That's up 43 cents in a month.

In New York, the average price is now $3.98.

In Connecticut, it's two cents less.

New Jersey has the least expensive gas at $3.61 a gallon.

Drivers are of course not happy about the soaring gas prices.

"Very tough to be paying that much money for gas," said George Kennedy, a Brentwood resident.

You don't have to convince people of that.

Yes, gas prices are once again going up.

You're probably not the only one who's been shocked when you see the final total at the tank.

"I don't even understand why they fluctuate so badly. What was it a month ago? It was $3.60/$3.70," said Scott Spencer, a Coram resident.

Experts say this recent fluctuation could be based on a number of factors.

One of them, as we've heard before, is demand for oil in developing countries like China is increasing so there's more demand for oil and the price goes up worldwide.

What's interesting to see is how what's happening globally has an effect on people right here at home.

People are once again changing their habits, for one buying gas in states where it's cheaper.

"My family is in New Hampshire. So I just get a little bit of gas now to get me there and I try to come back as full as possible," said Andrew Gross, a Hauppauge resident.

"We have two cars. This guy, the SUV, uses a lot of gas obviously so I'm trying to use my smaller car more but with the snow you couldn't get around with this car," said Chris Tellekamp, a Hauppauge resident.

"Me and my wife carpool. Don't have a choice. Have to carpool. Several days a week now," Spencer said.

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