Students hurry to take G.E.D. test before 2014 changes

March 19, 2013 12:20:50 PM PDT
Students in New York State are rushing to get their G.E.D.'s before the guidlines change in 2013.

These young people are serious about what they're learning, and they all have the same goal.

"The importance of the G.E.D. for me is because I want a better future for myself," said Maria Leal.

The not for profit, "Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow", is part of a public campaign to get as many people as possible to take the G.E.D. test this year.

"I'm in this school right now because I want to pass the G.E.D., 'cause it's going to be harder in 2014," said Eduardo Evangelista.

The G.E.D. test covers Language Arts, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies. A score of 410 is required to pass each of those subjects, and a total score of 2,250 is required to pass the overall test.

Students are now able to transfer partial passing scores if they take the test again.

"But it will be a brand new exam. These young adults will have to start all over," said Randolph Peers.

The initiative to get the GED test passed this year is aimed mainly at people who have taken the test in the past, but have not quite scored enough points to gain the diploma.

The campaign is led by Paula Gavin, who heads the fund for public advocacy. She says getting a diploma is good for both the student and the city.

"They benefit because a person who has their G.E.D. tends to be less likely to commit a crime, they tend to have better health, so that saves money, and then they get better jobs, so that generates more tax revenue," she said.

Hotline for more information: (718-557-2525)
or text GED to 30644

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