Firefighters helping fighters after Sandy

February 20, 2013 2:34:13 PM PST
When Superstorm Sandy hit, barely anyone in Little Ferry was spared.

The flood waters from the Hackensack River covered streets and engulfed homes, forcing rescue after rescue.

But the brave men and women saving lives that day were victims too. Their houses were damaged and destroyed. That was the driving force behind State Fire Marshall William Kramer's idea. It's called Firefighter-to-Firefighter.

"Firefighters can do everything from the plumbing to the electric. They can use a shovel and a sledge hammer," Kramer said.

All of that expertise can be put to good use at a home damaged by Sandy. This is a volunteer program, looking to match those who need help with those who can give it. Governor Christie announced the program at Hose Company Number One in Little Ferry. Months later, their first floor is still damaged from the storm.

"We know the more we get the word out the more firefighters will register and step up to volunteer," he said.

No money involved. These are just firefighters wanting to help fellow firefighters get back on their feet. It's something Lorenzo Migale says he can't wait to do.

"At this point I'm almost back to steady at my home so I will probably donate my time," he said.

The program has been so successful the state will be starting Fire Department to Fire Department next week.

The firefighters will be matched through the New Jersey Division of Firefighter Safety.

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