Metro North riders see fares climb higher

February 20, 2013 3:17:51 PM PST
The hustle and bustle looks the same, but changes are already in place at Metro North stations.

In White Plains, the posted price for a monthly ticket is $229, but go to a machine to buy it, and it'll cost $249.

That extra $20 reflects the new fare rate that goes into effect March 1st.

The MTA board approved a series of rate hikes back in December, the fourth increase in five years. No matter how you commute, you'll feel the pinch.

Metro North and Long Island Rail Railroad are going up roughly 9-percent depending on distance and times of travel.

The base fare of buses and subways is up a quarter to $2.50. The cash toll at MTA bridges and tunnels goes up a dollar, but there are varying E-Z Pass discounts.

The MTA says a big reason for the increase is the lack of sufficient transportation funding by the state. The higher fares will raise 350-million dollars.


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