Old Bridge bus crash video sparks questions about lanes

February 21, 2013 3:25:05 AM PST
Dramatic new video of a violent bus crash on a highway in New Jersey has sparked a battle over the new curb-side bus lanes along Route 9 in Old Bridge.

Police say the state Department of Transportation has badly mishandled the bus lanes, and officers point to the January crash as proof.

An Academy bus heading for Wall Street smashed into an empty school bus, flipping the school bus and sending the commuter bus careening into a tree. Several people were hurt, though luckily none of the injuries were life threatening.

Police say the DOT rules for the lanes are vague. It's not clear which buses can use them, and police say the 55 mile an hour speed limit is way too high for buses on a congested roadway.

The commuter bus and school bus were traveling on Route 9 in Middlesex County when they collided. The question now is does the video help explain what happened and who is at fault?

The cameras were on board the Academy Bus, and it shows the school bus about to make a right turn. The driver of the Academy bus was found to be at fault, even though the school bus appears to be turning from a middle lane.

"I was sitting at the very back of the bus, in the last row, but I was also in the section where I didn't have anything in front of me, so I just hit the side," a passenger said.

Even police aren't sure where to place blame.

The far right lane on Route 9 is a bus lane during rush hour. In a letter to the state DOT, the PBA says that leaves far too much confusion.

The DOT hasn't yet responded to any of the concerns, and the city is worried that until the state clears it up, there will be more accidents.

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