Wife testifies in NYPD officer's cannibalism plot

February 25, 2013 8:18:01 PM PST
A New York City police officer's bizarre Internet discussion of cannibalism - what he claims was harmless fantasy - was instead a serious plot to abduct, torture and eat "very real women," a federal prosecutor said Monday at the officer's kidnapping conspiracy trial.

The trial of this NYPD officer has it all, and then his wife took the stand.

She was sobbing uncontrollably, but in revealing startling testimony Kathleen Mangan-Valle said her marriage to NYPD officer Gill Valle was quickly troubled.

"From the moment I said I was pregnant, it was like he was gone," Mangan-Valle said.

And from that moment, she detailed how her 28-year-old husband began spending long hours on the computer, making her suspicious. Then, she said she made a horrifying discovery on line.

"I remember it was an S and M thing. I think it was darkfettish.net. It was disturbing. The girl on the front page was dead," Mangan-Valle said in a court transcript.

The site was described by defense attorneys as "Facebook for fetishes" and to Gill Valle, "It was pure fiction, it's pretend," said Julia Gatto, Valle's defense attorney claimed.

But federal prosecutors, who arrested him on charges of conspiracy to kidnap and unauthorized use of a computer, laid out their case saying, "He was involved in a heinous plot to kidnap, murder and cannibalize a number of very real women. He was deadly serious about his plans," said Randall Jackson, Assistant U.S. Attorney.

To bolster that case, prosecutors called Kathleen Mangan-Valle to testify, her revelations, she said were shocking after she placed spy ware on the computer and discovered her worst fears; she found her name and picture in chats between her husband and other men.

"There were plans. I was going to be tied by my feet and my throat slit," Mangan-Valle said.

Of another of her friends, she said, "He was going to put her in a suitcase and murder her."

There were more plans she said to burn another friend.

"The terror was the fun part," she tearfully testified, "the suffering, was for his enjoyment. That he wanted it to last as long as possible."

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