Freshman makes amazing half-court shot

February 25, 2013 8:18:35 PM PST
A high school basketball championship game in New Jersey is making news and making an improbable hero out of the one of the players.

It was overtime, the game was tied, and a freshman had the ball.

He was miles from the basket and had an impossible shot to make.

It was a classic game with a season on the line.

The first overtime was running out when Eastside High tied it with just four seconds left.

Freshman Jordan Thomas took the 55-foot buzzer beater with the county championship hanging in the balance.

Senior Sanders Green was right next to Thomas on the court.

He just wanted the ball to go in, while the coach thought they would be going into a second overtime.

But, there would be no second overtime.

Thomas saw to that.

But it almost never got there.

DePaul was down 15 points in the fourth quarter, when the coach called a timeout, and a senior reminded the players of the teams rallying cry: All in.

DePaul came all the way back and it was glorious.

And just in case you think that 55 footer was a fluke, Jordan took the shot again and made it flawlessly for Eyewitness News in just one take.

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