Officers save 3-year-old having seizure

February 26, 2013 2:26:04 PM PST
Elie Louis is getting some much needed rest, bouncing back from what his grandfather tells Eyewitness News was the scariest moment of his life.

"His eyes closed and he tried to straighten up, he tired to straighten up," said Joseph Elisse, Elie' grandfather.

Seconds seemed like eternity.

Joseph was driving, taking his grandson to daycare, when the 3-year-old had a seizure Monday.

Joseph pulled over and started screaming for help.

Luckily, some NYPD officers happened to be driving by and stopped.

"I'm like, we have to do what we have to do, I can't let this boy go, not on my watch," NYPD Officer Bermaly Nunez said.

Officer Vazquez pulled Elie out of his car seat and did something neither lady had ever done before.

"At that moment he wasn't breathing, he might be dead, so I just started putting compression on his chest, remembered what they taught us in the academy," NYPD Officer Charlene Vazquez said.

At the same time, Officer Nunez called for an ambulance but it was going to take five minutes to get there, and time they didn't have.

So the officers, true partners, both did CPR on Elie, and four rounds later, he finally took a breath.

"It brought tears to my eyes, yeah tears to my eyes," Nunez said.

"He was breathing, I was like oh my God, we did it, he's alive," Vazquez said.

Elie spent the day at the hospital, he does have asthma, but it's not clear what caused the seizure.

Joseph is just glad the officers were there.

"The police saved his life completely, so fast, so good yes," Elisse said.

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