Agent: Cop said cannibalism fascination hurt his life

March 1, 2013 2:37:23 PM PST
A New York City police officer told investigators after his arrest that his fascination with the idea of cannibalism set him on a downward spiral that was wrecking his personal life, an FBI agent testified Friday.

Aside from his grisly chats and emails, we've heard very little of this NYPD officer's thoughts, but some of those were revealed Friday.

He quietly sits in court, Gill Valle, this NYPD officer at the center of a bizarre case in which he fights charges of conspiring to kidnap, torture, cook and even eat women.

But he is reminded on this day of what he revealed to the FBI's Anthony Foto after the special agent arrested Valle.

Foto said, "I put my hand on his shoulder and told him everything was going to be ok. He [Valle] said, 'I don't think so.'"

The FBI poured over thousands of chats and emails posted by Valle while he was visiting described as "Facebook for fetishes."

Prosecutors say he shared exchanges with several people in macabre discussions of kidnapping women and ultimately cooking and eating them.

When asked if the discussions were real, the agent said, "He claimed that he would not have gone through with it. He did not enjoy it and he didn't know why he was doing it."

The special agent testified that Valle told him his activity, "bled into his personal life and he was basically exhausted. He pulled away from his wife, stopped having sex with her."

The special agent said Valle offered to help them identify the people he thought were real and those doing this only for fantasy .

"moody blues and alisherkhan could be more serious than others," Agent Foto said he was told.

"moody blues" also known as "meatmarketman" has been arrested in Britain sources tell Eyewitness News, reportedly on pornographic charges.

A document which details how to kidnap and cook a former college mate of Valle was made the special agent testified at the urging of "moody blues".

The agent said Valle told him, "He said 'moody blues' was interested in her."

Under cross examination though he was asked by a defense attorney,

Q: He didn't tell you that he had ever murdered anyone?"

A: No.

Q: In fact, he denied that he had murdered anyone.

A: That's correct.

Jurors have heard testimony from Valle's estranged wife and from former classmates and other women who testified they knew Valle on a casual basis and never considered him dangerous. Their testimony was followed by evidence that all of them were the subjects of emails and chats describing how they could be snatched away and eaten.

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