Teens trapped in house with burglars

March 1, 2013 2:11:33 PM PST
They were moments of terror for teens trapped in their own home, hiding from a trio of crooks.

Heart-stopping 9-1-1 calls of a dispatcher desperately trying to keep the victims calm have been released.

"Please, someone is trying to break into my house," one of the teens is heard saying on the call.

The frantic 911 call came in at 1:00 in the afternoon on February 13th.

Her heart beating fast, adrenalin pumping, the terrified 18 year old girl told police at least two men broke in to her home here on West Chrystal Street in Randolph.

"Oh my God! They're coming up," she said on the call.

The men were in the house an getting closer. Her 16 year old brother was hiding upstairs. She was in the laundry room, but desperately wanted to make sure her brother was ok.

911: "OK, I want you to just stay on the phone with me until the officers say OK. I want you to just stay in that room too, OK?"
Teen: "OK, I promise I'll stay in the room. I just don't, all I know is my brother is upstairs."
911: "No, no, no, no, no. I want you to just stay right where you are for your safety."
Teen: "I promise you, I promise you I won't."
911: "My partner is actually on the line with your brother right now on the other phone. He's up in the bathroom right now."
Teen: Oh my God! Thank God, thank God. (starts crying)

The dispatcher does an amazing job at keeping her calm and quiet so the burglars wouldn't find her.

When any police department gets a call like that there is an extra spring in their response. Within 2 minutes officers were here and found exactly what they were looking for.

"They saw two individuals walking up the street. They had some things in their hands. One had a BB gun and the other had some jewelry," Public Safety Officer Richard Rosell said.

Police say 27 year old Emmanuel Gonzalez and 20 year old Christian Sanchez were caught red handed. They even gave up an accomplice, investigators said. A warrant has been issued for 19 year old Jefferson Cabrerra. He is still on the run.

Once police had Gonzalez and Sanchez in custody, they searched the house. The dispatcher kept the teen on the line and in the laundry room the entire time.

911: "OK. Just stay on the phone with me and just keep your hands where everybody can see them and just come to the front door, OK?"
Teen: "OK I'm going to the front door."
911: "Yep." Teen: "OK."
911: "And you're at the front door right now?"
Teen: "Yeah, I see a police officer outside."

It was an end to a nightmare that police say could have been much worse.