Car financing fix

Seven On Your Side
March 4, 2013 2:40:36 PM PST
It was an 83-year-old Long Island lady versus America's leading auto finance company.

At stake were her car and her independence.

It was time for 7 On Your Side to step in make this skirmish a fair fight.

"How do I feel? I feel terrible. Sometimes I cry at night because I can't do anything for myself," said Marie Volpe, battling auto finance company.

At 83, Marie Volpe is someone who's still used to doing everything for herself.

Each week she makes her own homemade pasta from scratch.

And she's used to driving herself too.

"When's the last time you drove it?" Nina Pineda, of 7 On Your Side asked.

"January. About three weeks ago," Volpe said.

Her brand new Ford is idle.

"It's been a nightmare and it's been going on since August," said Michael Volpe, Jr., Marie's son.

That was just a month after colon cancer claimed his dad, Michael, Sr., a member of the infantry who landed on Normandy Beach on D-day.

"That's the purple heart he got and all the other medals," Volpe, Jr. said.

His pride and joy was this new Ford.

Along with the lease and the registration, everything was in his name.

"All she wanted to do was transfer the title from my father's name to her name," Volpe, Jr. said.

Late summer, they sent the death certificate, a $75 transfer fee, and all the paperwork to the leasing company Ford Credit.

"But nobody got back to us, nobody," Volpe said.

So August turned into January with no transfer.

And then the registration ran out.

"Would you ever drive this car without a registration?" Pineda asked.

"No," Volpe said.

"Why not?" Pineda asked.

"I'm afraid I'll get a ticket," Volpe said.

So now Marie's paying $310 a month for a car she can't drive.

"Ford Credit should've been nicer," Volpe said.

"I think they dropped the ball on this one," Volpe, Jr. said.

So 7 On Your Side got them to pick it up, right quick, after a series of calls to the financing giant.

"Congrats you're behind the wheel," Pineda said.

Marie had her wheels back, Ford Credit expedited the paperwork and waived the transfer fee, and even refunded $600 of lease payments. "It was great, it was wonderful. You deserve an Emmy!" Volpe said.

Ford Credit apologized saying this was a mistake that shouldn't have happened.

The big take away for spouses is it's not a bad idea to have car deals in both names.

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