Pilates and boxing combined to make 'Piloxing'

March 5, 2013 2:44:21 PM PST
Take a look at what happens when two popular workouts are combined into one: Pilates and boxing.

Yep, it's called Piloxing.

"People love a workout, they want to walk out sweating," said Sabrina Nieves-Greenstein, a fitness instructor.

Well you are soaking wet after just a few minutes in Sabrina's one-hour class.

It's rooted in interval training and blends together two fitness programs, weave in a bit of dance, and you have a new workout that will challenge your entire body.

It is called Piloxing.

By constantly switching things up, Sabrina literally keeps everyone on their toes.

"That's what makes it fun, just when you think you're settling into Pilates and you're getting really, really frustrated, you can move back into boxing and kicking again," Nieves-Greenstein said.

Sabrina says the Pilates portion of the class is often the toughest part.

"The balance that you need, the core, the alignment, it's really, really difficult. I think in this day and age of workouts, we're focusing so much on cardio, we have cardio junkies out there and weight lifters, we don't have enough balance," Nieves-Greenstein said.

Which Sabrina points out is so vital to everyday activities like walking and running.

The boxing portion of the class is no breezy either.

Don't underestimate the gloves; each has a half pound weight inside and after doing this, you will feel the burn.

"I can't tell you how many people end up taking the gloves off in the middle of class," Nieves-Greenstein said.

But not at New York Health & Racquet Club, these ladies are focused and up for the challenge.

"I tend to see dancers adore this workout because they want those long lean muscles, I see models, but really all types," Nieves-Greenstein said.