Study: Women more stressed at work after first birth

March 6, 2013 2:00:06 PM PST
A disturbing new study out today about working moms and stress.

The study claims the level of stress new mothers face when they return to work can send stress levels through the roof and undermine her ability to cope.

If you're stressed at work, chances are you feel like your employer doesn't really care. A new national survey from the American Psychological Association confirms that most workers believe their employers are unresponsive to your needs.

And the problem may be worse for women, with more women than men reporting they feel less valued.

"Women have more demands today than ever before demands in the workplace demands outside of work, and of course that leads to greater stress," said Tory Johnson, CEO of Women for Hire.

Workplace stress may be even greater for new mothers going back to work after having a baby. You have to prove yourself all over again.

"There's often times, whether right or wrong, a perception among some bosses that "oh new mom, she 's not really fully committed"," adds Johnson.

You might know her from Secret Sales on Eyewitness News at 4, but Tory is the founder and CEO of 2 businesses designed to help women in the workplace. For new moms going back to work--she says:

  • Start on a Wednesday so you can ease back into it.
  • Reconnect with colleagues and your boss in advance before you go back so you're in the loop
  • (Once you start) express enthusiasm and commitment

    "Go the extra mile to share the results you're achieving because stepping up that communication really serves to reinforce that you're in it, that you want to be there," she adds.

    And if you feel like you're being treated differently at work because you now have a child there are government guidelines for what's considered discrimination

    LINK: New survey from American Psychological Association

    LINK: Government Guidelines for workplace discrimination against caregivers