New details in alleged hazing incident at Bronx High School of Science

March 6, 2013 3:40:07 PM PST
There is growing concern that many more people knew about the alleged hazing incident at one of New York City's best high schools.

So far the Athletic Director and two track coaches at Bronx Science have been suspended, and several students on the track team are now facing criminal charges for allegedly bullying a 15 year-old freshman.

Many students at Bronx Science High School have lost patience with the negative publicity of the alleged hazing scandal.

"How can you say that the behavior, until you know it's the truth," said Dylan Small.

Three students were arrested, based on allegations from a freshman track team member who told police he was assaulted and sexual abused by the suspects.

But according to a published report, the Athletic Director, identified as Marion Dietrich, wrote staffers last year about cases of locker room hazing, while assigning staff members to keep watch over locker room activities.