Exhibit on video games at Museum of Modern Art

March 7, 2013 2:37:25 PM PST
When you think of museums, you probably think of art hanging on the walls.

But there's something a little different now on display at the Museum of Modern Art.

It's an exhibit that features video games throughout the years.

Video games are the key attraction at the new exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.

"Applied Design" delves into the world of interaction design which at its core examines how we interact with machines and screens.

Paola Antonelli explains design is pretty much everywhere in our lives but comes in so many different forms we almost don't notice it.

At the exhibit, you are encouraged to not only notice it but get involved.

There are 14 different video games; you can actually play nine of them.

He's lost in the world of Pac-Man, the 1981 version, they are fascinated by Tetris.

The Sims from 2000 is part of the collection; it simulates the lives of people in a suburban household.

It took more than a year to put this exhibit together; the museum relied on top gamers to help them.

The criteria? Well not only the visual quality of the games but the way space was used.