Seven Blocks around Plandome on Long Island

7 Blocks

March 8, 2013 1:51:59 PM PST
Next stop off the Long Island Railroad is Plandome, a bucolic village along Manhasset Bay in Nassau County that many residents would prefer to keep a secret and have all to themselves.

When you step off the train and walk into this community, you find a station surrounded by beautiful homes, plenty of history, and a site dedicated to science.

The Science Musuem of Long Island is a hands on science center where young students can discover the wonders of the world in classroom settings and by exploring the woods and pond surrounding the site.

"We teach lots of different programs?we teach school programs?after school trips??a big summer camp," said Matthew Thomas.

The site also has its own real life archeological dig. The students getting to see firsthand what prehistoric mammal fossils look like. The science center is also steps away from a small beach along Manhasset Bay. There sailing is king and private yacht clubs are all along the waterfront.

A block from the train stop is the Plandome Country Club. Its website says it was opened in 1931, sits on a beautifully manicured 107 acre site and boasts of 600 members.

The village hall was once the communities school house and its fire dept is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.

A drive through the community takes you past majestic homes ranging in the million plus range, with several local celebrities calling it home.

Plush greenery, waterfront landmarks and a site dedicated to the sciences can all be found within and beyond the 7 blocks of the Long Island Railroad stop in Plandome.