Baby boomers trying new trapese workout

March 8, 2013 1:31:12 PM PST
Many baby boomers are now trying something rather interesting to get in shape by swiveling, swooping and soaring on a trapeze.

Patty Hirsch has been swinging on the high rings for 45 years.

"It's fun, it's become a way of life," she said.

She takes part in an adult gymnastics class at True Pilates in midtown. They work out on the mat and in the air, on rings and a trapeze. Its one if the few places focusing on a more mature generation.

"It gives me strength it gives me perseverance you just move easier during the day ," said Janie Fox.

All the women Eyewitness News spoke to are in their 60's and 70s.

"People hear the word gymnastics and they flinch a little bit our philosophy is you come through the door and we'll figure out what you can do," said Tom Gesimondo, co-owner of True Pilates.

Geriatric specialist Dr. Michael Perskin says it's never too late to start.

"Almost every disease that's common as we get older is improved with exercise," he said.

And maintaining flexibility and balance can prevent falls and injuries.

The key is trying to prevent injury.

To do it safely you have to take it step by step build up strength before you jump on those rings.

And the best advice for injury prevention? Listen to your body, all the women told me if it hurts, they don't do it.