Up Close: Teenage Pregnancy

March 10, 2013 9:25:55 AM PDT
This week, we take a look at Mayor Bloomberg's controversial public service campaign taking aim at teen pregnancy.

It doesn't offer advice about birth control.

Instead, it enlists the faces of young children, some of them crying, and captions showing what they are thinking.

The mayor says you have to be edgy to get through the clutter, but some are asking: does it go too far?

Also, he made a name for himself working to help the homeless in New York City find work.

Now the founder of the Doe Foundation, George McDonald, is shifting his focus to politics and running for mayor.

We'll talk to McDonald about his unusual campaign strategy.

And, the New York State legislature has set the date for the 2013 primary for New York City races for September 10th.

Given the crowded field of candidates, there's a good chance a runoff will be needed.

But the Board of Elections wants the state to push back the runoff date or eliminate runoffs altogether.

The board is concerned there will not be enough time to reprogram the computers and scanners.

We'll discuss the issue with Dick Dadey, the Executive Director of Citizens Union.

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