Child injured after dog mauling in the Bronx

March 12, 2013 2:40:06 PM PDT
A child was injured after being attacked by a dog in the Bronx Sunday night.

The attack happened at 166th street and Webster Avenue in the Bronx.

This startling attack happens in a flash. The dog runs from across the street, pouncing on the little girl apparently walking with her mother.

The animal is relentless holding onto the victim as it bites and gnarls with savage force.

The woman with the child seems stunned and petrified. Thankfully, a man jumps out of his truck and runs across Webster Ave to pull the dog off the four year-old.

Once the dog clamps down on the victim it appears that it tries to rip the child away from the woman who holds on desperately until the good samaritan arrives to help the little girl.

The owner of the dog arrives within a few seconds and puts a leash on the dog. He even tells other responding to stand back. The dog's owner stands out by the scene with the dog as witnesses call 911 for help.

The little girl was badly mauled and is hospitalized. The terrifying attack has many wondering what set the dog off and why the animal set its sights on a young child.