Andy Warhol's Polaroids go up for sale online

March 12, 2013 3:21:00 PM PDT
A moment of Diana Ross taken by Andy Warhol is one of many Polaroids that the artist was famous for taking.

"Andy's favorite tool was his polaroid camera. Called it his date when he'd go to parties," Jim Hedges said.

Hedges has collected quite a few of the Polaroids. He purchased them directly from the estate. Just about all of them are of people you'd recognize.

"Andy Warhol captured celebrities of the time," he said.

And now Jim is parting with many of these Polaroids, selling them through the website

Many of those Polaroids became the basis for paintings or prints, but the Polaroids on their own pack a punch.

While many Warhols sell for millions and millions, these Polaroids start selling at 5-thousand dollars.