Brooklyn girl pushed off moving school bus; fractures shoulder

March 12, 2013 3:19:11 PM PDT
The family of a 13 year-old special needs girl is demanding answers and action.

The girl claims she was pushed off a moving school bus by another student bullying her.

She landed on the road and broke her shoulder.

"I thought it was stunt, I didn't know what was going on, all you saw was little kids flying off the bus, hit the floor and ran all over the place," said Vincent Mattos.

What Vincent saw in front of his Brooklyn shop was the real deal, something Amore-Virginia Peterson, who now has a fractured shoulder, says she will never forget.

"My head hurts and yes, I'm afraid of the boy," she said.

The suspect is a fellow student at the New York City Children's Center, a state run facility for kids with special needs.

Harriet McNeill says her daughter is bi-polar but is on medication and doing well.

The 13 year old was on the way home from school Friday when she says two students picked a fight with her.

A matron suggested she move to the back of the bus but Amore-Virginia says the bullying continued and a third male student got involved.

"He jumped over the seats and hit me in the back of my head and opened the door and threw me out," she said.

She came crashing down, in the middle of traffic on Mother Gaston Blvd, but the terrifying ordeal wasn't over.

"He didn't see me get hit by a car so he tried to jump out and attack me again and I ran into the barber shop," she adds.

They called police.

Harriet hired a lawyer and wants to know why the Department of Education, which provides bus service, or the school, hasn't done more to protect her daughter, who she insists has been bullied before.

Harriet has pulled her daughter out of the school and wants someone to be held accountable for what happened.

"They put my daughter's life in danger. I trusted them, I trusted them with my daughter's life and they did not live up to their bargain," the mom says.