Ridgewood students get amnesty over sharing nude photos

March 14, 2013 3:29:49 PM PDT
Police in a northern New Jersey school district are giving students until Monday to delete any nude photos of themselves that they may have shared.

It's supposed to show a picture and erase it, but that is not always what happens with the popular app "Snap Chat".

And a couple of girls from Ridgewood are learning that the hard way.

They sent racy photos to a classmate and now, there could be legal trouble for the student that saved the pictures.

"I've seen them of course it was posted on the Internet," said Sam Gruchawka a sophomore at Ridgewood High School.

But most have seen them as well. The picture shows two girls sent to two boys. In them, the girls are fully naked.

"We've all seen them, yeah everyone has seen them they kind of get around quickly," said Meghan Ryan, a high school senior.

A devastating mistake by the young girls, but certainly not the first to make it.

First it was MySpace, Facebook, then twitter. Now a new way for people to send pictures to each other and unfortunately sometimes inappropriate pictures.

It's a relatively new app. Popular with kids that allows the user to take photos and video. They can add text and drawings, then send it to someone else.

But with this app the sender can put a time limit on how long the picture can be viewed. As little as one second, as long as10 seconds.

In this case the boys took screen shots of the pictures and posted them to Instagram.

"Remember they are growing up in a very different age than we were," said Superintendent Dan Fishbein.

Fishbein sent a letter home to parents and students. In it he says the police and prosecutors office are involved.

"The police have been working with the prosecutors office and have established this amnesty period," he adds.

By Monday anyone who saved the pictures must erase them or face possible child porn charges.

Obviously the girls didn't want so many people to see the pictures. We asked the superintendent how they were doing. He said they have counselors available if they need them. As for the deadline, Monday at 7am to delete all photos or face possible criminal charges.