Company hired to manage student information

March 14, 2013 2:41:27 PM PDT
Private information about students is being given to a company and this information is more than just names and addresses.

Some of the information also includes students' grades and even their discipline history, and that has some parents worried.

Lots of parents told Eyewitness News that they had no idea that starting next fall the New York State Department of Education will use a private company to store student records.

The state has contracted with InBloom, a third party agency, to manage grades, tests scores, disciplinary records, everything.

It says the goal is for teachers, students and parents to analyze it, hoping to improve the educational experience.

"When the state says send the data, we are creatures of the state, we have to follow the law we will do that," Mayor Bloomberg said.

At issue is privacy.

"They are required to keep it private, but that's now," said David Bloomfield, Education Law Professor.

The state addresses these concerns on its website saying, "The protection of student privacy is and will remain the priority throughout the development and implementation of the Education Data Portal."

But that's not enough for opponents and now there's a growing movement to block it.