Bruno, last dog at Sandy shelter, needs a home

March 14, 2013 8:21:06 PM PDT
If you're in the market for a pet, have we got a dog for you.

He's a dog with a back story.

The dog is a survivor of Superstorm Sandy.

He and his former owner, like hundreds of others, were made homeless.

But unlike most others, this handsome pooch, four and a half months later is still without a home.

Now he has to find one, fast.

His name is Bruno and he's the last of a breed.

Not of Rottweilers, but of the 500 pets that survived Superstorm Sandy but were, along with their owners, left homeless.

They were brought to the SPCA emergency shelter in Mineola in Nassau County.

All of them now have either returned to their owners or placed have been in new homes, all of them except Bruno.

Bruno's the only surviving animal at this Nassau County SPCA emergency shelter still without a home.

He's big and beautiful, and yes, maybe a handful for some people.

But maybe for the right person, or the right family, just the dog they were looking for.

There is a deadline because this shelter is closing, and it's next week.

Bruno's former owner, a man named Christopher, can't take him back.

He lost his home, and then his job, and now he's lost his dog.

The shelter can't stay open for just one dog.

So now there's a desperate search for an adoptive family for Bruno.

On the agency's website there's a personal ad for Bruno that's really a most personal appeal.

"A good, intelligent Rottie," says the adoption plea, "who walks well and would do good with somebody who truly understands the breed as he has his stubborn moments."

If you are interested in adopting Bruno, can provide foster care for a short period of time, or for more information, please contact Nassau County Emergency Pet Shelter at: 516-272-0017, or email

Nassau SPCA website