Cocker Spaniel found alive in trash bag in Wall Township, New Jersey

March 18, 2013 8:30:55 AM PDT
The Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office confirms that Keith and Shauna Morgan are under arrest and charged with neglecting the cocker spaniel they claimed to have found abandoned on the side of the road.

Charles Webster, the spokesman for the prosecutor's office, says the couple will be charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty involving both neglect and abandonment and hindering an investigation.

The Morgan's were arrested Friday in their Brick Township home.

The SPCA said their story about finding a moving bag on the side of the road while driving just didn't add up. Investigators looked into it and found that the dog has been registered to the couple since 2007.

The dog is no longer being called Morgan. They are calling him Samurai, which is his given name.

Samurai is in guarded condition, although he is very sick and in a lot of pain.

He is being treated at the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.

The picture taken of Samurai is just heart breaking. Hearing about his condition is even worse.

"He was severely dehydrated. He had a temperature. He was emaciated," said Alicia Mecker, the shelter manager in Tinton Falls.

Inches of fur matted down over years and filled with filth, they first had to shave him.

When they got down to his paws they were burned by sitting in his own urine for so long.

Samurai was rushed to the Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in critical condition.

"He received antibiotics, pain medication, they gave him fluids as the first priority was to hydrate him," Mecker said.

He is on IV fluids and still hasn't had solid food.

UPDATE 3/18 from Phil Lipof: An update on Sammy the Cocker Spaniel. Officials say he is making small strides. He is eating when they feed him and taking his meds. Seems he has less pain in his feet too. Most importantly he is being loved! Hundreds of people have asked to adopt him already.