Anthony Weiner speaks out about potential run for New York City mayor

April 24, 2013 8:29:55 PM PDT
Political reporter Dave Evans sat down with former Congressman Anthony Weiner to discuss the Twitter scandal and his potential run for mayor of New York City.

We haven't seen him in almost two years ever since his humiliating resignation, but now Anthony Weiner is back.

"I'm going to spend a lot of time and a lot of days saying I'm sorry to people. And say I'm sorry to people watching this interview. But first and foremost I'm spending a lot of time saying I'm sorry to my wife still," he said.

His wife is Huma Abidin, who works for Hillary Clinton, and she's is still angry about what happened.

Her new husband was caught texting to at least six women. He sent out embarrassing sexual photos of himself. He was even accused of coaching a porn star to lie after he was caught.

"What was going on? Why did you do this?" I asked.

"You know if I had a dime for every time someone asked the obvious question 'what were you thinking?' I'd be a very wealthy person. I mean the simplest answer is I wasn't thinking," he explained.

We asked how he broke the news to Huma.

"It didn't start with 'honey, this ain't so bad.' This was bad and I did it to her," Weiner said.

Since then they have a new son, Jordan. He is 16 months old. All three appeared in People magazine last summer. But when the scandal first broke it just about destroyed their marriage.

"Let's just suffice it to say we went through a very difficult period and it's in our rearview mirror but it's not far in our rearview mirror."

Now after two years of seclusion, Anthony Weiner with Huma's support is tipping a toe back in the political pool, possibly to run for mayor of New York City. He remains non-committal.

"I'm certainly thinking about it. To some degree the first threshold is asking people to take a hard look, look at the ideas I have, and say all tight, I'm prepared to give him a second look, a second chance," Weiner said.

The latest polling, surprisingly, has him in 2nd place behind frontrunner Christine Quinn. The other main democrats are close behind.

We asked Weiner has he shown enough repentance and is he setting the bar too high by running for mayor?

"Yeahhhh, it's a fair question. I guess when people ask me, the penance I had to show and repair I had to do was with my wife first and foremost," he said.

Sources say Huma is his biggest supporter and she wants him in the race. Weiner even took a shot at Quinn during our interview for changing the term limit law that let Mike Bloomberg run for a 3rd term.

"I know for me as a voter, it's a deal break because I believe it was so offensive to democracy, so offensive to the way we view government. That you take the will of people, expressed twice and overturn it for self-interest," Weiner said.

And believe it or not, despite the scandal, Weiner 's back on twitter. This time, though, it's G rated.

"Twitter can be snarky, it can be funny. But it also can be a real tool to help governance and I'm not going to let that tool go un-used," Weiner said.

Weiner's old Twitter account, @repweiner, still has about 68,000 followers.