Up Close: Christine Quinn

March 17, 2013 9:10:41 AM PDT
City Council President Christine Quinn has made official what has been talked about for years: she is running for Mayor of New York City.

The Democrat is the front-runner in all the polls, and as City Council Speaker, she is perhaps the best-known of all the candidates.

But she faces a very crowded pack of candidates all vying for City Hall.

Can she hold onto the top spot all the way to November?

Quinn joins us this week to discuss her mayoral bid.

Plus, Superstorm Sandy devastated Brooklyn's Coney Island Hospital, leaving it only about 50 percent optional, which means the closest hospital, Maimonides Medical Center, is filling the gap.

While Sandy may be to blame for the overflow at Maimonides, many Brooklyn hospitals are in critical condition.

Five of Brooklyn's 10 private hospitals face financial problems.

With us to discuss the issue are John Marshall, Chairman of Emergency Medicine at Maimonides, and Elisabeth Wynn, Senior Vice President of Health, Economics and Finance with the Greater New York Hospital Association.

And as Pope Francis begins his papacy, we'll talk about the new pontiff with Father James Martin.

He's an editor at large and writer for "America", a national Catholic weekly magazine.

He's also the author of "The Jesuit Guide To Almost Everything", which takes on added meaning now with a Jesuit as the pope.

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