Brooklyn couple arrested in child abuse plot

March 21, 2013 3:27:01 AM PDT
A young Brooklyn couple is being held without bail Thursday, accused of plotting to open up a day care business to drug and sexually abuse children.

Bebars Baslan, 35, and his 25-year-old girlfriend Kristin Henry were busted by the FBI at a hotel Tuesday night in Jersey City, where the couple apparently thought they were putting part of their plan into action. Instead, it was a sting operation.

Baslan and Henry allegedly thought they were going to rendezvous with three little children, including a 2-month-old, to take sexually-explicit photos.

This investigation unfolded rapidly within the past month and, according to a criminal complaint, there are both audio and video recordings in which the couple discusses the plan to babysit children, drug and molest them.

Prosecutors say the two planned to open a baby-sitting service so they would have access to "many" children, and they discussed using Dramamine to dope the kids with a confidential source they thought would help them secure the kids to sexually exploit them.

Baslan: "Then, you know, just it knocks them out a little bit."
Confidentail Source: "What do you mean?"
Baslan: "You know, Dramamine, the allergy medicine. It knocks you out, when you're a kid."

Prosecutors say they have audio recordings in which Baslan says Henry is "dying for this," referring to a plan to have her sexually abuse "an 18-month-old child."

Baslan: "She is dying for me to have a baby with her for us to whatever."
Confidential Source: "The two of you together, to have your own kid and raise it in a sexual, like upbringing kind of thing?"
Baslan: "Right."

Finally, Henry herself is heard on one tape talking to the men with whom she is allegedly planning the babysitting service, saying "Y'all know I did work in schools. I worked with kids."

When asked if she has references, she answers, "Oh, yeah, I have excellent references."

At the time of the arrest, authorities say they recovered a backpack that contained a Sony digital camera and a laptop computer.

The suspects are charged with sexual abuse, and they face 30 years to life in prison if they're convicted.

They pleaded not guilty to the charges at their arraignment in Brooklyn federal court Wednesday.


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