Pay cuts and layoffs for school bus drivers

March 22, 2013 3:05:06 PM PDT
Could there be another strike by New York City school bus drivers? It might happen.

Edith Aime, school bus matron, says she showed up for work Friday morning and got a termination notice.

Edith Aime is among 34 bus matrons at one bus company who got termination letters Friday morning.

Marie LaRoche has been a matron for 13 years, so she will not be fired, but she and others still have a lot to lose.

LaRoche will likely lose wages, benefits and seniority rights.

The major school bus companies have imposed the terms of their most recent contract offer.

In response, school bus drivers' union president Michael Cordiello wrote to members, in part, "We have been working to negotiate in good faith with your employers, but we have unfortunately reached a point where they have refused to negotiate."

School bus driver Douglas Parker said that driver will lose more than $20,000 a year, plus vacation pay.

After calling the companies' proposals an outrage, and more, Mr. Cordiello wrote: "We are exploring all of our options, but you the members will decide on whether or not we accept the contract offered by the companies or not, including the possibility of striking."

Parker said that they don't want to strike, but the bus drivers have to support their families.