Homeowner catches burglar inside home

March 25, 2013 8:11:09 PM PDT
Imagine being sound asleep and suddenly you hear a burglar in your home.

That's what happened to a Rockland Country family.

Peter Cronk was thinking about only one thing when he spotted the burglar right outside his Suffern bedroom.

Nina is Peter Cronk's 6-month-old daughter, and the reason the quiet father and husband, jumped into action this morning.

"I kept thinking about my baby, I know I kept thinking about her. I just wanted him out of my house," said Peter Cronk, homeowner.

It was 4:00 a.m. when Cronk's wife awoke to someone in their house.

"I saw him walk past the bedroom and I immediately said, 'There's someone in the house', you know, and he got up right away and went right after the guy," Suzanne Cronk said.

"I chased him down the steps, and I pretty much came off this step right here, grabbed him like this and brought him down and kind of held my knee on the back of his head for a minute," Peter Cronk said.

"My hands were shaking, I locked the bedroom door with the baby inside, it was really scary, really scary," Suzanne Cronk said.

Fritz, the family dog was not much help.

In fact, Fritz didn't even wake up until Cronk had Jaime Tovias Umana on the ground.

Cronk was going to just throw him out of the house, but then he decided to hold him for police.

"Once I knew I could throw him around a little bit, I figured I'd get my stuff back too and call the cops because that way he can't do this again," Peter Cronk said.

There have been other burglaries in the neighborhood, and when Mr. Cronk went through this suspect's pockets he found several cell phones and several hundred dollars in cash.

And like Fritz, 6-month-old Nina never even woke up.

"For the first time, she slept all night," Peter Cronk said.