Museum located in an unlikely place

March 26, 2013 2:31:40 PM PDT
In a dark alley at the edge of TriBeCa, there is a very small space that is taking on a significant role.

Josh Safdie and Alex Kalman also call the approximately 60-square feet space a museum. Actually, that's the name - "Museum".

Safdie and Kalman say that Museum is the smallest museum in the world. Each shelf is a unique, permanent collection. On view now are various collections of everyday items, for instance counterfeit money, items made within prisons, and even toothpaste tubes from around the world.

Museum features a guided audio tour, but some don't need much explanation. The exhibitions rotate throughout the year, and already people are paying attention.

Safdie, Kalman and their third partner in Museum are always on the lookout for what to display next, and plan to make more micro-museums throughout the city.

Museum is free, and is open Saturdays and Sunday. Donations are accepted.

For more on Museum, CLICK HERE.